Requesting Time Off

At Sandhills Development, we try and make requesting time off as easy as possible. We've created a portal where employees can request, modify, and manage their time off requests.

How do I request time off?

First, head over to

You will be required to login using your Sandhills Development email address. Most of the time this will be your email but some user's main account is associated with a specific brand like or (before we switched to using aliases).

Once logged in you will be presented with a calendar view of the current month for time off requests.

The three main functions of this portal are available via menu options in the top right corner:

  • View Calendar - Brings you to the current month's time off requests.
  • Request PTO - Used when making a new request for time off.
  • My PTO - Brings you to your existing requests, allowing you to edit and remove requests.

Request PTO

When requesting PTO you will need to fill out the following fields:

  • Description - Why you are asking for time off. Note: This is only visible to managers.
  • Calendar - Pick the department you work in. If you are a manager, pick "other"
  • Start/End Date - The days you are requesting. The end date can be the same day as the start date or later.

The Name and Email fields will always be auto filled, and unable to be edited.


After you've requested time off, you may need to alter the request, or remove it entirely. By visiting the 'My PTO' page, you'll be presented with a list of your requests allowing you to do so.