Vacation Stipend

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.
- St. Augustine

As self-described travel enthusiasts, we appreciate the abundant benefits and lasting positive effects of trips taken to unfamiliar places. But we also recognize that extolling the wonders of wandering beyond our known borders isn't helpful for those unable to fund such excursions. Because of this, and in keeping with our commitment to putting people first and the value we place on roaming freely and giving back time, we offer all employees an annual vacation stipend.

Here's how it works:

All employees become eligible for this perk after six months with the company. The stipend can be claimed only once per calendar year. Trip related purchases can either be made directly by the company or be issued as a reimbursement after proper documentation has been provided. Employees can claim up to $500 for themselves and $200 for each accompanying dependent towards trip related expenses.

Note: Couples who are both employed at Sandhills are not allowed to claim the stipend for themself and then be also claimed as an accompanying dependent on a separate trip.

Qualifying expenses are any costs required to make the trip possible. Airfare, lodging, passport fees, fuel, meals, tickets, childcare, shipping, and so on are all generally permissible.

This perk only applies to one trip per year and cannot be used towards a series of different expeditions. It is also required that employees be officially off work during the trip and that they actually go somewhere away from home. Nomad relocations while still working are not eligible and neither are staycations.

To claim the vacation stipend email with your trip details and the receipts for all expenses which should be reimbursed.