Annual Raises

All employees are guaranteed at least one raise per year. Here's what to expect:


Raises are issued on the anniversary of starting in your current role. For those who are working in the same role they were originally hired for, the first date of work at Sandhills will be used. For anyone who has changed titles, the first date officially working under that title will be used. In rare cases where there has been a role change but no clear date can be identified the original hire date will be used.

Salary increases will be made effective on the paycheck immediately following the raise date, unless the difference between those dates is one week or less, in which case the increase will take effect on the next paycheck instead.

How much

The exact salary increase percentage depends on how your current salary compares to the salary range prescribed for your current level. There are six job levels for every title at Sandhills and you can read more about how those levels work here. For each level, a minimum and maximum salary is prescribed in our Salary Data sheet.

Employee's with a salary which is higher than the minimum but lower than the maximum prescribed for their current level will receive a 3% raise on their work anniversary. Employees with salaries higher than the max amount prescribed for their level will receive a 2% raise.