At Sandhills we wish to encourage employees to take ample time off for personal health and happiness. We believe the personal health and wellbeing of each employee is critically important and taking ample time off is an important aspect of maintaining that.

We recognize that everyone’s needs are different and that your own personal wellbeing is paramount. Therefore  we do not define a maximum amount of vacation time. You take the time you need. We only ask that vacation requests are made as far in advance as possible so as not to inconvenience any of your colleagues. We also reserve the right to decline requests if they collide with important company deadlines, insufficient notice is given, or if we believe this open policy is being abused.
Instead of a maximum vacation policy, we observe  a minimum vacation policy. This policy requires all employees to take at least some time away from everything work related every single year. This minimum amount of time varies depending on the length of time you have been employed by Sandhills Development.
The schedule of required minimum vacation days per year, by years employed, is as follows:
  • Less than 2 years: 10 days (at least 5 must be taken consecutively)
  • More than 2 years, less than 5 years: 15 days (at least 5 must be taken consecutively)
  • More than 5 years, less than 8 years: 20 days (at least 5 must be taken consecutively, twice)
  • More than 8 years, less than 12 years: +2 days for each additional year
  • More than 12 years, less than 20 years: +1 day for each additional year
In case you’re interested in the math, if you stayed with Sandhills for 20 years, you’d be required to take at least  36 days off per year.
Example: In Jessica’s third year with the company, she took a one week vacation in March (5 days), a one week vacation in July (5 days), and every first Friday from March through December (10 days). With this schedule, Jessica fulfilled the minimum requirements for her vacation time (15 days) plus an extra 5 days. Great job Jessica!


We’re not big on punishments and penalties at Sandhills. At the same time, we’re serious about team members taking enough time off from work. For this reason, if a year passes by and you do not fulfill the minimum time off requirement, your supervisor may be scheduling time off for you and will work with you to plan a better utilization of the time off in the subsequent year.