Leads are the technical managers of a project, focus, or initiative. They are empowered to make final decisions about how tasks will be accomplished, which techniques will be employed, what standards will be followed, and when deliverables are complete.

In some cases, a lead may simultaneously be acting as a manager. However these two roles are distinct and they come with very different responsibilities. Managers are responsible for training and mentorship of staff as well as the allocation of resources across their designated area of focus. Leads are responsible for making all important technical decisions relating to an assigned project and shipping completed work.

Specific duties of a lead may include:

  • Quality control reviews of work done by colleagues
  • Contributing to their team's internal procedure documentation
  • Defining strategies for projects
  • Publishing work completed by themselves and/or their team
  • Advising managers and directors on strategies and tactics
  • Reporting to managers and directors on project statuses
  • Presenting a brief report during our regular company roundup calls

More specific details regarding the role leads play is covered within each department's own documentation.