A director manages a department. They have final say on anything relating to the projects and practices within their department and are ultimately accountable for the success of everything their team does.

Department Directors report to the Managing Director who oversees the entire company.

A director's responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Deciding which projects the team will work on and how they will be prioritized
  • Defining the procedures and protocols governing the department's operations
  • Assisting with the recruitment and hiring of new staff
  • Allocating resources within the department according to the needs of the team and the company
  • When necessary, disciplining and assisting with the termination of subordinates
  • Intentionally fostering a team culture which reflects the values and commitments of the company
  • Ensuring the professional wellbeing of everyone on their team
  • Guiding all subordinates along a clear career path and assisting them in their professional growth
  • Recommending job level upgrades and promotions for subordinates
  • Assigning mentors to junior level employees
  • Communicating important company goals, changes, priorities, and news to their team
  • Delegating projects to leads and managerial duties to managers whenever possible
  • Approving time off requests and coordinating coverage for the duties of absent employees
  • When necessary, assisting directly with the production of the department's output (for example: answering tickets, writing code, publishing blog posts, etc.)
  • Delivering an annual "State of" presentation to the company on the important developments and plans for their team