Our Commitments

We’re committed to our people, we’re committed to our customers, we’re committed to freeing up time, and we’re committed to the future.

A Commitment to Our People

The first and most valuable part of Sandhills is our people. Together, we’re building a customer-centric company by creating products that empower businesses around the world.
For us, the most valuable asset is time. We’re a fully distributed team that works remotely, and we’re committed to giving our people the opportunity to work at the pace and in the space that allows them to do their best work. Each of us has our own unique personality and preferences. Some like to work late and others work early. Some want to have a video call and others post comments in Basecamp. There is no one-style-fits-all approach and conforming to specific habits and practices which do not affect our actual work output is not a requirement to work here.
We believe in a culture that supports and encourages our people to ensure we provide our customers with “you-made-my-day” service. We’re committed to honesty, curiosity, learning, and growth.

A Commitment to Fairness

Equal pay for equal work. Period.

We have zero tolerance for pay inequities based on gender, race, age, nationality, location, or any other qualities and classifications which are not directly related to the performance of one's duties. We've worked hard to develop a pay governance system which eliminates bias, subjectivity, discrimination, secrecy, and confusion from the equation.

We are committed to paying every person on our team fairly, regardless of their background, their race, their gender, or any other personal element. We determine every person's pay based on real data to ensure we are meeting or exceeding industry averages. No person should be penalized for being a less skilled negotiator, so we have removed negotiation from the equation, and we update our data sources multiple times each year.

A Commitment to Transparency

Without knowledge and facts, we can only make assumptions, and those are rarely accurate.

We are committed to always sharing important facts, events, and data with our team. Our people give a substantial amount of their time and trust to this company, and it is only right that we show equal trust and share truths in return.

A Commitment to Our Customers

We’re committed to enabling customers to turn passion or purpose into success and provide them with wow-factor customer service, feature-rich products, clarity and education, and ease-of-use throughout everything we build. It’s our privilege to work with our customers.
We’re committed to serving our customers, treating them as each of us would want to be treated — with humanness and empathy — and we’re committed to moving forward as a H2H (human to human) business.
Like our own team, our customer's most important asset is time, and we work hard to build the best products we can that free up more time for them. We’re committed to crafting products that allow them to spend time on what is important; whether that’s working on their business, or enjoying life outside and away from their business.

A Commitment to the Future

We’ve been in business since 2009, and are always setting our sights to the future. We weren’t known as Sandhills Development when our first products were born, but in that time we’ve grown our brood to five core products. Through it all, our aim has been:
  • Take care of the needs of our people, and help them expand their skills, resources, and experiences
  • Help you share your creativity, talents, skills, experience, and knowledge with the world
  • Make running online businesses low maintenance and stress-free by providing the best products and service
  • To free up time for what is most important
  • To protect and conserve nature
We are a self-funded, bootstrapped organization that operates on a no-debt principle, with a focus on profit. We build and grow only within our means, giving us great stability. This profit-driven focus enables us to build products that help businesses succeed, while never compromising our security or stability.
Pippin Williamson (our founder) and the partner-owners of Sandhills Development are committed to cultivating these relationships with our people and our customers, and to building the best solutions that free up time.