Unplugged Bonus

Most of us have been guilty at one time or another of answering an email or replying to a work related ping while we were technically on vacation. It happens and we are not going to condemn anyone for doing so. But we do want to encourage you to leave your work at work and enjoy your time off.

In order to provide you with a little incentive to save work for when you return from vacation, we offer an unplugged bonus. This is an extra $250 that you will get in the next paycheck after you've successfully completed a vacation in which you completely unplugged from work.

All employees are eligible to receive this bonus once per year. Requirements are as follows:

  • Time off must be a personal vacation. Sick time, bereavement, parental leave, etc. does not qualify. You must take some scheduled, non-obligatory time to do...anything, as long as it isn't work related.
  • Absolutely no work related actions may be taken. You cannot participate in a meeting, open Slack, check GitHub, glance at HelpScout, or open a single email.
  • You must do all of this for at least one full week.

To claim this benefit, send an email to benefits@sandhillsdev.com and reference the dates of your unplugged vacation. The bonus will then be added to your next paycheck.