Free licenses for Sandhills Development products


All Sandhills employees are entitled one free license for each of our commercial WordPress plugins. These licenses will be valid for the duration of one's employment with Sandhills Development.

Licenses are also only permissible for use by an employee on their own, personal project. They may not be shared with friends, family, or clients.

If an employee does pay for a license to any of our current products while they are employed by the company, they are entitled to reimbursement for that amount.

Licenses will be granted upon request. If you would like a license to any of our plugins, please send an email to and list the products you need licenses for.


Sandhills employees can use any of our SaaS products without paying fees charged specifically by Sandhills Development. Other fees such as credit card processing may still apply.

Employees are not eligible for any special discount on premium support plans.