Anniversary charity donations

Sandhills Development will honor all employee anniversaries with a donation to a non-profit organization, charitable organization, or other registered cause of each employee's choice. 

For each year you are with Sandhills Development, starting from your official full-time start date, the company will donate $100 on your behalf. So after 1 year, $100 will be donated on your behalf, after 2 years $200 will be donated, after 3 years $300 will be donated, and so on.
Some things to note when choosing your recipient:
  1. Organization must be a registered charity or NPO
  2. Organization must be non-controversial (within reason)
  3. Organization must be non-political.
Note: For team members who live in a country outside of the US, the donation amount will be equal to US$100 at the current exchange rate on the day of your anniversary.

Add your NPO/Charity

Please add your chosen recipient(s) to the charities spreadsheet.