Using VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Networking) allows you to securely communicate with our tools and resources, by creating a secure connection between you and the VPN service. This helps prevent data from possibly being watched on your local network as well as your ISPs network, as all traffic is encrypted until it hits the VPN server where it then will be sent to the service or resource you requested. 

Being that Sandhills Development is a fully distributed team that values and encourages the freedom to choose your ideal work environment, you may not always be connecting to a 'fully trusted' network.
The use of a VPN will be required for anyone accessing our customer records, payment gateways, and services that send and receive customer data. Anytime an employee connects to a network that is publicly available (even if WPA2 or better encryption is enabled), they should be using the VPN for the entirety of their work. You can see the full details of our VPN use policy in our Account and Information Security Policy.
If you are required to use a VPN, Sandhills Development, LLC will provide you with a VPN account with the service NordVPN at no cost to the employee. To be assigned a VPN account, please reach out to the CTO stating you need a VPN account and an account will be provisioned for your use.