Getting paid

Employees are paid twice per month, once on or near the 15th and once on or near the 31st. The exact date of payment will vary depending on bank holidays, the number of days in the month, and weekends.

U.S. Employees

Employees located in the U.S. who are also U.S. citizens are paid via direct deposit into their checking account and have all appropriate federal, state, and local taxes deducted so they can be properly reported to the IRS. If desired, or if direct deposit is not set up, contractors may also be paid via PayPal.
Each U.S. W2 employee receives a W2 each year and has full access to their bi-weekly paystubs that show a complete break down of the amounts paid for taxes, insurance, and other deductions.
Each U.S. contractor will receive a 1099 and will be required to file appropriate tax forms with the IRS as an independent contractor for all payments received during the contract period.

International Employees

Employees located outside of the U.S. are paid via SWIFT or other method, such as PayPal. Due to international tax laws, no tax deductions are made for international employees and all necessary reporting to the employee's respective tax agency is solely the responsibility of the employee.