Planning travel

Interested in going somewhere or coordinating something? Here’s the process:

1. Ping Kyle and provide him with the relevant details. Kyle will ensure the trip meets the criteria for Sandhills coverage or assistance. The criteria includes (but is not limited to) factors such as:
  • Budget. How much will this cost and how much has been spent so far this year?
  • Relevance. Does this have anything to do with our work?
  • Conflicts. Is there anything else important to the company or concerned team members during this period?
2. Once approval to proceed has been granted, work with Kyle to formalize the plan. Kyle has access and authority to book anything needed on your behalf, unless there are compelling reasons for you to do so independently.
3. If any expenses are incurred relating to the trip, please report those in detail to Kyle who will be maintaining the company travel budget.
4. After the trip, write a minimum six page report detailing everything you did and learned. j/k 😜(Brief recaps in Basecamp are appreciated though).