How much travel?

Our desire is to enable each member of the team to get out as much as they need. We recognize that this will vary from person to person and that’s completely ok. Some of us find event and meetup attendance to be energizing. Productivity and passion increase when opportunities to interact with people IRL are given. Whereas others find travel to be draining and experience setbacks if pulled away from home frequently. We want to respect this and work closely with each individual employee to ensure they get exactly as much in-person time as is necessary.

Understanding individual expectations

On roughly an annual basis, the Director of Operations will be touching base with every employee to better understand their preferences and interests relating to travel for the year. This conversation will be the basis for communications later in the year. For example, if an employee expresses an interest in traveling frequently, but after six months has not gone anywhere or made any requests, we will be starting dialogue to see if anything has changed or travel suggestions need to be made.

Amount of travel

Sandhills does not define any maximum or minimum travel amount per year for employees. All employees are expected to do their best to attend the annual Sandhills Summit and any applicable team meetups but everything else is optional.

The factors which are considered when evaluating a travel request are 1) the cost, 2) the potential value of the trip, and 3) the travel budget for the year.